Solutions for the fruit industry. The first edition of Fruit Poland Expo at Ptak Warsaw Expo

The international fruit growing fair Fruit Poland Expo made its debut on the event map of Poland. The event organized at Ptak Warsaw Expo on December 7-9, 2023 included many solutions that can help develop the sector.

The last few months have not been an easy time for the fruit industry. Production costs increased, new European Union regulations came into force, including restrictions on the use of plant protection products, there was an excess of supply and a decline in consumption, as well as an increase in price pressure on producers. Therefore, this sector needed a positive impulse, the opportunity to talk about development prospects, “green” change or cost optimization. This stimulus was Fruit Poland Expo, a new fruit-growing industry fair organized at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Reliable partners at Fruit Poland Expo

When organizing a business event, what counts is experience, a proven team and action for the development of contractors. All these features have been the domain of Ptak Warsaw Expo for many years. However, an important element is also to rely on a proven and high-quality partner network. During Fruit Poland Expo, this group included, among others, the Association of Fruit Growers of the Republic of Poland and PROCAM Agronomy of Success. Cooperation with these entities allowed, among other things, the organization of industry conferences.

Additionally, the event partners included, EKOPLON, THERMOLUX, GAS Systems, Grunner, EuroPanels, ICB Pharma, Galeria Konopi, Sinclair, Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Łasica, ARS and Polfrost. However, there were many more exhibitors at the event.

Solutions for the fruit industry at Fruit Poland Expo

Fruit Poland Expo was a contracting platform for potential contractors, opened up to networking and allowed to meet partners with solutions tailored to business needs. The three days of the event were marked by the signing of new contracts and debates on the path to dynamic development in the industry.

At the same time, however, the event ensured the opportunity to use the current knowledge base. The Fruit Industry Congress was held in cooperation with the Association of Fruit Growers of the Republic of Poland. Experts debated, among other things, the current situation on the apple and pear market and trade prospects in the coming years. They also wondered whether the green path towards changes in agriculture is a threat and whether agricultural crop insurance is a chance for survival in the face of a natural disaster. Specialists also discussed alternative energy sources, whether machines will replace human hands and cost optimization.

Fruit Poland Expo seminars were, in turn, devoted to individual plants. The topics discussed included pear trees, currants, apple trees, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, sour cherries and strawberries. Care, varieties and mechanization were discussed.

Fruit Poland Expo provided answers to the most pressing questions affecting the sector. At the same time, it promoted the dynamics of business development and led to the expansion of the network of professional relationships. During the three days of the Ptak Warsaw Expo event, 3890 people visited.

The next edition of Fruit Poland Expo will take place on December 6-8, 2024.